Friday, August 24, 2012

Google Adsense - Using Google Adsense on Your Home Office Blog

Google Adsense: What are some tips for using an ad program?

You have a home office site and you want to earn some money with it.  Selling your own products and services are job one.  There might be a way to make your home office site do double duty.  Think about adding Google Adsense to your home office site.  

What is Google Adsense?  It is a contextual ad program.  You supply the content and google adsense will place ads on your site that are related. 

Dust off your writing skills.  Write content everyday and write content that is interesting.

Many home office owners have one website.  Have you ever thought about creating more than just one site for your home office?   This can allow you to go after more niche markets, plus you have more opportunities for placing your google adsense ads.

When you are inside the google adsense dashboard, you will see the opportunity to setup special channels for your ads.  This can help you with monitoring your stats.  Name your channels and ads to make it easy to identify where the clicks and impressions are coming from.

Set up channels and monitor your statistics across all sites.  If one site is performing
poorly, consider changing the content or the ad layout.  Experiment!

Adsense ads can be customized!

Test different ad types and colors to see what works best for your sites. Try to blend your ads in with the colors of your web design. 

Search engines are another key for google adsense.  Find out what people are searching for related to your topics. The google free keyword tool is a great place to start.  Type in some keywords that you know are related to your business and see what other options the keyword tool comes back with.

Take advantage of free google tools - Google Keyword Tool

You might be surprised to see how many other ways people are searching for information related to your topic.  Make sure to download the keywords that you find and add them to articles that you create for your sites.


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