Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home Office Websites

Here are just a few ways that you can get your website up quickly.

  1. Create a blog at blogger or wordpress - you can create information to put up on the site but if you violate the terms of the blogging platform your site can be deleted and all your work will be gone.  You can purchase a domain name and have it point to the blogging platform.
  2. Download wordpress blog software and purchase web hosting with your own domain and setup a business blog.  You will have to purchase a domain name for your business and pay a web hosting fee either monthly or yearly.  Using the wordpress software to power your website can be helpful.  There are a lot of programmers and designers that are developing themes and plugins that extend the use of wordpress.  Some themes and plugins are free and others you will have to pay for.  You can switch the look and feel of your website with a few mouse button clicks.
  3. Purchase a domain and use a website builder application that walks you through creating a simple business website.  Some web hosting companies offer software applications that make it easy to get a website published quickly with a what you see is what you get approach.  You have to enter the information into the program and it will create basic webpages for you.  
  4. Hire a programmer to have a custom business website designed and built. You talk to the programmer or web designer about what kind of website that you want.  You can give them a list of websites that you like and what you want included in yours.  You can say the colors that you want to use and what you want to use your website for and you go through a process of viewing and reviewing website updates until you get what you want.  

Home Office Phones

You have a choice when creating your home office.  With new technology and low cost you can go for a separate land phone line or you can get a cell phone / smartphone to use for your business.  The cost of unlimited cell phone calling plans has dropped and the cost of smartphones are reasonable too.

In addition to land line and cell phones you also have the option of using an internet based phone solution.  There is the offering from google called google voice that lets you make phone calls on the web.  You can get a google voice phone number that you can give out to people and when they call it can ring your cell phone or any other phone number that you specify.

Skype is another internet phone web application that allow you to make phone and video calls. You can make your phone calls from your computer.  You can use a headphone set with a microphone or use a bluetooth headset to make calls.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Business: Start using what you have access to

We want systems that we can put into place that will help make it easier to get the job done.  Home business is still business. Where you physically do the work doesn't matter much anymore.  With the internet and computing technology you can work from were you choose. 

A computer programmer can write code and send it anywhere or just upload  it on a server.  A writer can write with a netbook or laptop and email the information or post it on a website.  Some types of work can be done from home easily.

New computer technology and devices make it possible for your office to be anywhere.  You don't have to be tied down.  You need an important document and it could be faxed to your toll free number and forwarded to your email that is accessible from anywhere.

Portable scanners can transform physical papers, documents, and business cards into digital information.  No more misplacing those business cards.  Scan them in and you have the information stored in your database.
You can create or purchase websites and blogs with custom designs that offer your products for sale online all the time.  Collaboration software both free and premium can allow you to work with your associates to get projects done.

You can keep your smartphone on and stay in contact with important phone calls.  You can use voip phone services to make calls for less money. You can email or text and get all of the latest information.  You can do it with technology now.

Remember that just like you have access to all these tools, so does everybody else.  You are in much more competition than before. Technology advances keeps changing the small business landscape.

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