Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Use the top social media networks for your home office business


How are you using social media for your home business?   Social media applications like facebook and twitter are a great place to interact with your friends and family members.  It can also be a place to discuss your business.

Do you have a facebook business page?  You might not want to use your personal facebook for status updates about your home business.  Social media applications like facebook have a lot of users and it seems like the number of people using them continues to grow.  If your potential customers and clients are there, it is probably a good idea for your business to be there too.

Social media apps can combine with mobile marketing opportunities. People are connecting to the web using smartphones and tablets while they are on the go.  They can take pictures and find what is going on locally just by hitting a few buttons.  Get your home business ready with social media apps. 

Get a vanity facebook url for your business page.  When you first create a business page, the url will look kind of funky.  Get a custom url that is easy to remember and related to your home business. 

Facebook is not the only game in town when it comes to social media.  Twitter and LinkedIn are two other social media apps that you should consider. 

Twitter is simple to use.  You have status updates that are capped at 140 characters. You might have to get a creative to get your point across. 

LinkedIn is a professional social network.  This is a great way to connect with people from your academic past and your past colleagues from old jobs.  This network is more grown up and business focused.  With LinkedIn, people might be looking for answers to questions.  They might be searching for jobs.  Show your expertise online with LinkedIn and it might lead to new business opportunities.

Social media apps are a good way to get information about your home business on the web.  The real benefit of social media is that it doesn't have to cost you money.  It will cost you some time to manage your social media accounts, but there is not an out of pocket cost that you need to be concerned with. 

Social networks are a huge collection of web users.  You will be surprised at the people that you know, and the people they know.  Use social networks for your home business today.

ClientGettingChallenge.com - Get Training on How to Get Clients


There is a free webinar that is happening right now that you should take advantage of.  It is called the client getting challenge.  It is being put on by Maria Gudelis. 

Do you have a consulting business?  Do you want to become a paid offline marketing consultant?  This webinar gives some tools and tips that can help you get started. 

The challenge is only 5 days long and the webinars go for just about an hour or more.  These are practical tips that you can put into place today to start getting the ball rolling with your business. 

Are you having a hard time getting clients?  This could be just the training that you are looking for.  Consulting is big business and if you are looking to break into consulting, you don't want to miss this.

What kinds of consulting are they covering?  Social media and marketing mostly, but you can apply the principles to just about any type of consulting business.  The main key is to start taking action.

Don't worry if you have missed the first day or two of the challenge.  They have provided access to the webinars via replay at the website.  The website is http://www.clientgettingchallenge.com

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Make Youtube Videos for Your Home Office Business


Get your home office business in front of a large web audience.  People love to read blogs but they might be even more inclined to sit and watch a short video.  Have you thought about doing video marketing for your home office business?

There are so many ways to create fast videos for your home business.  If you are ready to get in front of the camera, you could star in videos and post them quickly to youtube.  Tutorials can be really popular online.  So explaining how things work and helping people get through tough problems that they might face with software or hardware could be your online ticket for making videos.

Making videos for youtube doesn't have to be hard.  Turn your spreadsheets into youtube videos.  Create regular powerpoint presentations and use screen capture software to add audio while you flip through the slides.  This is an effective way for creating videos.  There are different screen recording software programs that you can choose from.  Camtasia and Cam Studio are two of the popular programs for making videos.

Get more out of your smartphone.  Your smartphone probably comes with a video feature.  Test it out and see how the video looks.  You could use your smartphone to make videos that you post on youtube and other online video sharing sites.

Creating videos for youtube is not hard at all. After you make your videos, you will need to provide all the details that make a difference for people trying to find it online.  First stop by the google free keyword tool that is located on the google adwords site ( adwords.google.com).  Find those high search keywords related to your video and come up with a really good keyword focused title for your video.  Another area that you have to pay close attention to is the description area.  Give details about your video.  This is the area where you can place good written copy to explain all that you need to about the video and more. Also include a link back to your website or blog in the description area. 

Tag your video with the right keywords.  The great thing about using youtube for your videos is that they are tied to google.  People do searches on the google website and sometimes videos from youtube pop up in the search results.  Also youtube itself is a widely used search engine. 

So there you have it.  You probably already have a ton of written content for your home office blog.  Think about turning that written content into video content and get access to more potential visitors and customers. 

Recurring Income for Your Home Office Business


The idea of working once and getting paid for it over and over again is appealing.  How can you do something like this from your home office?  One way to get paid over and over again is through using your writing.  You can do the work of writing once and get paid every time someone buys your book or information product.

Writing tends to last a long time.  Once you get your information product created, the focus has to turn to marketing the product.  There are lots of information products to chose from, but yours might be just what your market is looking for.  You cannot discount the way technology is changing the way that people get information.  Smartphones and tablet computers are giving people a simple way to get information while they are mobile.  Creating your own ebooks is a great way to tap into this emerging market.

The idea of recurring income can be exciting.  What about other ways to get paid over and over again.  Magazines have subscriptions but you still have to keep coming up with new content.  In the digital world, you could create your own membership website.  Membership websites operate just like magazines.  You would need to create content around your topic and get people to pay monthly for access to your information.  If you don't want to create all the content for yourself, you could always outsource some of the writing or use private label rights content. 

Regular websites or blogs could be a passive income stream for your home office too.  You could do keyword research and setup niche sites.  Setting up simple sites with wordpress is easy.  Make money with the sites through contextual and banner ads with services like google adsense, kontera, or chitika.  Joining related affiliate programs with products that fit the niche is also a good idea.  There are yearly costs that you will have to incur.  Domain name registration fees and web hosting fees are two that you might have to pay if you are not using free blogging systems to host your sites.

Another idea to consider is building up your own email list.  Email is not going away anytime soon.  Sure people have smartphones and they like to do text messages, but chances are that you have an email account and you check it everyday.  When you have an email list, you can load it up with information and let it send out information automatically.  In addition to the information that you provide, it is also a great place to include affiliate promotions and advertisements for products and services.  Again, you can think of the magazine model.  When you open up a magazine, there is much more inside than just the articles.  An email newsletter with an auto-responder can be another digital version of a magazine.  They call this type of online magazine an ezine.  Ezines are not totally hands off.  You have to create content on a consistent basis and it could require the use of outside writers or private label products.

The idea of working one time and getting income over and over in the future is not new.  You have to keep your eyes open and try new things. 


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