Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Writing It Down

Brainstorming new ideas should be on the table.  When is the last time that you considered doing brainstorming?  What are the possible outcomes?  Getting into a place where you can start pushing the boundaries is what brainstorming is all about.

Stepping back and taking a look from a different view point and exploring new directions is a part of the process.  What comes into your thinking when you hear the word brainstorming?  A room with some chairs and a table.  A group of people asking questions.  A single person sitting at a table with a pencil and piece of paper.

The ideas can start flowing.  Are you going to let the ideas flee away never to return?  It can happen with ideas.  It happens all the time.  One of the ways to make sure the ideas don't go is to record them.  Writing the ideas of brainstorming down or recording the brainstorming sessions is key.

How often are you coming up with new ideas?  Are you doing the same things over and over without making any progress?  Asking more questions and trying new things is just a part of the equation. 

Are you using software?  Is there a better way to get it done? Should you even be doing it anymore?  What are the things that you are doing?  There are so many questions to explore.

Brainstorming is thinking.  Brainstorming is idea creating.  Change your thinking and change your view.  Write the brainstorming down.

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