Friday, May 18, 2012

Unlimited Income - Starting an Online Business


There are different ways to earn income.  You can work on a job and trade your hours for pay.  This is what most people do.  Or you can create products and services that don't require you to be there to get paid and earn money.

Passive income with your blog something that a lot of online business owners want.  The concept is really simple.  You do the work once and you get paid for it over and over again in the future.  Coming up with a really popular piece of writing and having ads that continue to pull income over time.  Can you think of a service that can be provided over and over again without your active involvement?

When people are thinking about making money the first thought is usually to go and get a job.  A job provides a steady paycheck but it might not get you where you want to go.  Jobs usually have income limits.  The job will usually tell you how much money you are going to make during the year.  That is limited income.  Sure if the amount the job pays is really high, you could manage your money and maybe make it to financial freedom but business is a completely different category.

Business doesn't have a cap on income.  A home business owner could come up with something new and exciting that starts to sell really well.  Unlimited income is possible with a business.  You hear about it all the time.  A kid decides to start a business from a dorm room and a few years later, the company is at the top of the business world. 

Businesses can get other people to help them get sales.  It is called affiliate marketing.  They set up affiliate programs and pay a commission for sales generated.  This is a great way for a business to pay just for performance.  Who knows how many sales can be generated by affiliates?  This could be considered a form of passive income.  After the product is created, the affiliates do the hard lifting of making the sales.

Affiliate marketing works for the affiliate and the vendor. The vendor gets a new customer and the affiliate gets a commission on the sale.  Business income is unlimited.  You can make as much money as you want. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to write blog posts for your home office blog

Everybody is telling you to start a blog and you finally give in.  Now it is time to get your first blog post completed.  Blogs can be as complex or as simple as you want them to be.

The basic parts of a blog post are the title and the body.  That is basically it.  Come up with a good headline for your blog post.  Use something that will grab attention.  You could follow the how to or 7 ways kind of formulas for creating a title.  Next, you want to write the body of your blog post.

Writing the body does not have to be difficult.  A simple way to do it is to make a list of the topics that you want to cover.  You don't have to number them.  Just write down the main points.  After you get 4 or 5 of them, you can start to write.  You could create sub topics that you want to cover or you could just start filling in the information.  Before you know it, you will have a complete blog post.  After you have the blog post done, you can go back and read and edit it.  Take out the stuff that you don't want to include.

Give your blog post a picture that can help add to the topic.  People like to share pictures online.  You could check flickr and other photo sharing sites for images. Just be sure to give credit and a link back to the original work.

If you don't want to do a picture, you could always add a video that goes with your blog.  Make one yourself or link to a video that works.  Youtube is a top video site.  Just check to see if the video that you like has an embed code.  Copy and paste it into your blog post.  It is really simple to do.

Keywords are important online and you want to let people know what your blog post is about.  Think about all the topics that you cover in your blog post and tag it with those words.  You can find highly searched keywords by visiting

You are pretty much done at this point.  All you need to do is decide when you want the blog post to appear.  You can publish it immediately or have it scheduled to be released in the future.  If you are ready to share your information with the world, all you have to do is hit publish.  Your new blog post should appear at the top of your blog.

That wasn't hard at all.

Web Traffic for Your Home Office Website

Web Traffic is a top that will not go out of style.  New blogs and websites are getting launched at a fast rate online.  Getting visitors to come to your site is going to be high on your list of priorities.

There are many ways to generate web traffic.  Writing articles and updating your site are two of the popular ways to get traffic.  The hope is that the search engines will find your new information and start sending people to your high quality content.

Search engines deliver free traffic to websites.  The search engines are always working to try to deliver the best results for their search clients.  So put your home office website in the best possible light for seo.

Do you know your ideal audience?  Where do they hang out online?  Commenting on other already popular blogs could give you an inroad to getting traffic.  Don't be spammy but offer up real interaction and insights that will make people want to visit your site.

Break into multimedia.  You probably have access to a video camera.  Start using it to make home office videos that you can post online.  You could create informative and entertaining videos or make tutorials that can help your clients and prospects.

Write your own ebooks with links back to your sites.  Ebooks don't have to be really long.  Just solve a problem.  How can you get your ebooks into the hands of your audience?  Think about using social media or media sharing sites.

Web traffic is something that people all over the world are looking for.  You spend a lot of time creating a high quality website and you want it to pay off.

Think about building your own email list too.  Growing a mailing list gives you an asset.  People still tend to check their email.  Once you get people on the list, you can deliver value and you are not as concerned about web traffic.  You have a built in audience and can communicate on a regular basis.

Setting up an email list is not hard at all and it doesn't take much money to get started.  You can get started with $1 dollar.

Write content for your sites for two audiences.  Evergreen topics and trending topics should be your focus.  Evergreen topics will be popular always.  Trending topics are hot right now.  Try to find a balance.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Home Business and Social Media


Are you using social media in your home business?  Twitter and Facebook are top social media applications. They both have a lot of users and you should think about adding your home business to the social media applications. 

Facebook and twitter are two of the large social media networks.  Another more professional network is called LinkedIn.  How do social networks operate?  People create profiles on the networks.  They include personal and business information including status updates, pictures, videos and more. 

Get your profile created and dive into social media.  You don't have to do a lot to get started.  Just fill in the information that you are comfortable sharing online.  Create a brief description of your services and make sure to include it in the area provided by the social network.

Now what do you do?  Find your friends and family online.  There are many people on social networks that you probably already know.  As soon as you sign up for the services, don't be surprised for requests to get added as a friend, follower, or link.  Your online network can grow rather quickly as people from as far back as your elementary school will start to get in touch with you.

Post status updates.  Depending on the social application that you are using, you can update your status of what is going on with you.  People talk about all kinds of things using social media.  They comment on breaking news, what is going on in their life, and even what they are eating.  The point of using social media is not to do hard selling online.  It is to interact with the larger social group.

Making your first tweet will probably be the hardest one.  After that, it will start to feel natural to post online. Post links to your blog posts.  Talk about the business, and talk about anything else that you want.  You do want to make sure that what you post you are comfortable with sharing online.  Once you add something to the web it is going to be there for good. 

So there you have it.  Get your home business ready for social media.  Get started today. 

Home Business


Working from your home office can have its benefits.  The idea of being able to wake up in the morning and not have to commute to a job is highly desirable.  You don't have to worry about braving the elements or siting in traffic.  Don't you want to give your gas card a break.  Aren't you tired of dealing with the high gas prices?

Home business usually involves Internet business these days.  Get the equipment that you need to be productive from home.  Computers are going to be one of the first items that you will want for your home business.  Desktop computers are great, but a powerful laptop computer and a smartphone should be priority.  Why would you want a laptop instead of a desktop?  A laptop computer gives you more flexibility.  So if you want to work outside of the home office, you can do it.  Go for a morning meeting at starbucks and connect wirelessly to the web.  Enjoy your coffee and work in an environment that is pleasant.

Running your own business is about freedom.  The freedom to do the work that you want to do.  When you have a business idea and a passion for pursuing it, you have an advantage.  A business is different from a job.  When you work for yourself, it is all about getting the job done.  You are not following the normal 9 to 5 hours of a job.  Business is all about generating results. So if you can get a job done faster and still provide top quality work, you do it and move on to the next project.

Marketing your home business will require adding some new skills.  You might be good at your job, but when you start your own business, you have to do more than just a few tasks.  When you work a job, you focus on the job.  When your run a business, you are in control of everything.  This means that you will be in charge of the technical repairs, marketing, accounting, finance, and human resources.  It sounds like a lot and it is. When you are just starting out, it might just be you wearing all the different hats in the business.  Over time your company might grow and require more people.  Home business owners don't have to hire a lot of employees to get things done.  There is always the option for outsourcing.  This could be partnering up with other business professionals or subcontracting out work tasks.

Starting your own home business is a big deal.  You don't know where you new business can end up.  You might start out at home, but end up with a large company.  New products and services are launched all the time.  You may have just what the market has been waiting for.  Are you ready to start on the road to business ownership?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Launching Your Home Business - Beware! - Don't start your home business without these items.


What are some of the home business tools that you really need to get started in business?  Have you ever heard stories of home businesses getting started at the kitchen table with nothing more than a piece of paper and a pencil?  Starting a business begins with formulating a plan and then executing.  There are plenty of tools that you can use now to start your business.  Some items can help your business get off the ground.

A good quality computer can go a long way in your business.  You don't even have to get the latest and greatest model.  When you are getting started, you just need something to perform the essential tasks that you need to complete.  A computer with an internet connection should be more than enough to get your business started.  You can always upgrade your computing system later.

Running a home business means that you might need to call on clients.  Get a cell phone for your home business.  Prepaid cell phone plans can keep your costs down and you can keep your business calls separate from your personal calls.  Another option for your home business is to use internet phone calling services.  Skype and vonage are services that can come in handy.  You could even get an internet phone number.  Another phone calling service is google voice.  Also consider getting an online fax phone number too.  Faxing is not as popular as in the past, but get one just in case.

What else do you need to get started in business?  With those tools you are ready to get the ball rolling.  The final tool that you will need is a website or a blog. These can be setup quickly.  Getting into the game of business doesn't have to take a lot.  You can get started on your home business dreams.  The next step could be to start writing articles and posting them on your blog or article directories. 

Learn more about home business at

Starting Your Own Home Business - What can you do from home to get started in business online?


So many people have home business dreams but they never really take the jump.  Opening up your home business doesn't have to be super hard. There are different types of home businesses. Internet based businesses can have a lower start up cost associated with it and you still can get the benefit of working for yourself.

What are some businesses that you can do from home?  Think about starting a writing service.  You could write books or write for websites.  New websites are getting started all the time online and they all have one thing in common.  They need good quality written context that gets people coming to the site.  New content is always going to be in demand online.  The only issue with becoming a writer online is that there is a lot of competition.  There are writers around the world that are looking for writing jobs and you might have to compete on price when you are just starting out.

Some businesses can be done from home with ease.  Are you ready to dive into the topic of search engine optimization?  Website owners put up sites and they might not have a clue about search engine optimization or keywords.  Do you know how to get more traffic for websites?  This could be an opportunity for your home business. A website owner might not be aware that they are using the wrong keywords on their sites.  Help them get more traffic and build your business online at the same time. 

Web traffic is what all blogs and website owners are looking for and if you can get the traffic, you are in the drivers seat.  Once you really get the hang of getting traffic, you can start to think long term and start building your own portfolio of high traffic websites.  Passive income is something that many people want to experience.  The idea of creating web properties and then sitting back and watching the money roll in gets people excited about the internet biz. 

Do you know how to leverage social media?  Take your skills and use them to help other small business owners get their social media accounts setup and off the ground.  Social media is still new in the eyes of home business owners and they might not have a clue about how to get started.  Educating home business owners on technology issues can be a good home business opp. 

Facebook and twitter are household names, but many home and small business owners don't know how to optimize social media pages for their businesses.  Do you know the secret sauce of getting traffic on your social media networks?  Are you ready to hold the hand of business owners that have to make upgrades to their facebook fan pages with the new timeline updates?  The business world is changing and small business owners have to find a way to keep up.  This could be your home business market.

What if you don't want to get that serious about your home business out of the gate?  There are other ways that you can ease your way into a home business.  Think about setting up your own blog and adding affiliate marketing to it to monetize the traffic.  Do you have a passion for something that you could write for hours and hours on end?  Are you an expert in something that you can share online with a blog? Think about all the things that you like to do and see if you can create a business around it.  Generate web traffic and make money with affiliate programs or banner ads that relate to the topic. 

What is holding you back from starting your own business?  You don't have to spend a lot of money to get started.  Take some time to brainstorm business ideas that you think are a good fit.  Is there a demand for those type of services?  Come up with a business plan and go for your business dreams.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Article Marketing Secrets


Dust off your writing skills and start using them to get some web traffic.  Article marketing could be what you are looking for.  What is article marketing?  You are using articles to help get targeted traffic coming to your sites. 

Anybody can do article marketing.  You probably already have a home business website or a blog.  Now you can use your writing skills by coming up with creative articles that people want.  Information is powerful and if you are picking the right kind of information, it could lead to traffic.  All you have to do is go on a few of the article directories and see that some people get tons of views for their articles. 

Create a powerful headline.  This is what gets people stop in their tracks in order to learn more about what you are offering.  You could have a great article but if the headline is not up to par, then your article can sit online and go unnoticed.  People are looking for how to information, they want tips that can help them achieve their goals.  So think about using some of those numbered headlines like 5 ways to do x or 10 of the top signs to look out for x.   Your headline is there to grab attention.

Write the body copy of your article and make it interesting.  People online have a short attention span.  If your copy is boring there is this thing called a back button on a browser that will get hit with the quickness.  You need to keep your audience engaged by keeping the language colorful and to the point.  There is nothing wrong with telling stories or creating vivid pictures to help them get a better picture of what you are trying to explain.  The body of your article is the meat that the audience has been looking for.

After you have given the target audience parts of the main course, it is time to finish off the article.  At the end of your article, you are going to want to include some information about yourself and a call to action.  Would the audience benefit from getting more information from you?  Let them know the reasons why and place a link back to your site. 

Getting your articles posted in article directories can be a traffic generation method for your blog or website.  The great thing about using the directories is that you don't have to spend any money.  You will have to spend some time coming up with content but you never know what the return may be.  All kinds of people are searching article directories for content.  You want your articles to get picked up by ezine owners and web developers that have a large following. 


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