Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Business: Start using what you have access to

We want systems that we can put into place that will help make it easier to get the job done.  Home business is still business. Where you physically do the work doesn't matter much anymore.  With the internet and computing technology you can work from were you choose. 

A computer programmer can write code and send it anywhere or just upload  it on a server.  A writer can write with a netbook or laptop and email the information or post it on a website.  Some types of work can be done from home easily.

New computer technology and devices make it possible for your office to be anywhere.  You don't have to be tied down.  You need an important document and it could be faxed to your toll free number and forwarded to your email that is accessible from anywhere.

Portable scanners can transform physical papers, documents, and business cards into digital information.  No more misplacing those business cards.  Scan them in and you have the information stored in your database.
You can create or purchase websites and blogs with custom designs that offer your products for sale online all the time.  Collaboration software both free and premium can allow you to work with your associates to get projects done.

You can keep your smartphone on and stay in contact with important phone calls.  You can use voip phone services to make calls for less money. You can email or text and get all of the latest information.  You can do it with technology now.

Remember that just like you have access to all these tools, so does everybody else.  You are in much more competition than before. Technology advances keeps changing the small business landscape.

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