Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Content Ideas for Your Blog

 Keep your home office blog updated with new content.  Writing content for your blog is not hard when you have access to content.  How can you get your hands on a lot of content for blogging?

Take a look at plr content.  It stands for private label rights.  This is content that you can pick up for a few dollars or less.  Some sites give away plr articles for free.  

How can you use plr articles on your blog?  Find plr articles that are related to your niche.  You don't want to just add them to your blog without making changes.  This content will need to be rewritten. 

Read the articles first and then go back and write them in your own words.  Who knows where the plr articles are coming from.  You might read some of the articles and immediately notice some funky spelling or phrases.  Make the articles sound like something that you would say.

Some of the content files are kind of small, so you might want to consider pulling two or more articles together to get a longer piece of content.  Just make sure that the articles flow well together.

There are lots of different ways to use this kind of content on your blog.  We know that blogs need to be updated and this kind of content can help achieve that goal. 

Take a weekend and do a few articles and have them scheduled to be published monthly on your blog.  This can be your blog stocked with content in the near future. 

The quality of the articles might not be really high, but this is where you can come in and add your own thoughts on the subject.  If you don't want to sit at your computer with a blank page trying to come up with new content, you can use these articles as a starting point.


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