Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Office Websites: Focus on your information


Are people interested in your information? Are people searching for your type of information? These are a few questions that you have to ask yourself. There are a lot of blogs and websites on the internet. New information is popping up all the time. People do want information. They are checking the latest sports scores. They want the latest news and people are always looking for entertainment.

Keywords are important. Tagging your information properly is important. Remember that you are creating your information for a person and not for a computer. There are all kinds of sources for web traffic. When you decide to create your website, you have your own thoughts about how to describe your information. Other people might be trying to get to your information but with a different set of keywords. Plus there are a bunch of other people out there with similar information and you are in competition with them for web traffic. Why should the search engines drive traffic to your website instead of some other website?

Is your information fresh? Are other people linking to your information? It doesn't hurt to try to learn more about the different search engines and how they operate. The search engines are constantly trying to give people better results when they search onilne. They want to give people the information that they want. Your job is to help them do that. Use the information that the search engines provide. Use the keyword tools that they have to offer.

Write Headlines that people will want to learn more about. There is a lot of information out there and you need to get attention. They have to want to click your info. Put your information in multiple places online. Don't just put your info on your website and expect people to start coming to your website. Write articles for article directories and include links back to your site. Short articles can drive some traffic to your site. Use services like twitter and include your website information in your profile. People will search keywords on twitter and you might get found using this method. People want to learn more so they will check the website that you include in your profile. Also think about using a custom background that includes more information about your website. When you have new tweets to post you could include website links in the post.

Create short videos and include your website. Video cameras are inexpensive and really powerful now. It really simple to create HD Video with a small flip ultra hd video camera. You can make videos with just the click of a button. The software is simple to use and you can transfer your files to youtube. Use keywords to tag your video and find a way to get links to your website in the video too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Fear of Starting Your Own Business


You hear it time and time again.  Get educated and get a good paying job.  You spend a lot of time in school and you expect to get a job and work a few years then retire.  There is another way to make money.  Running your own business could be the ticket to financial freedom.  But what is keeping more people from trying to earn more income?

Fear is a big factor.  People are scared at the thought of being in charge and being responsible.  When you take out school loans you know that one day you are going to have to pay them back. Jobs provide a paycheck that can help you meet your financial obligations.  Running a business and shifting to a profit and loss instead of a weekly or monthly paycheck can be too much of a risk for some.

Bills have to be paid

It takes money to survive and bills have to get paid.  The fear of working for yourself is that you might not be able to make enough money.  You don't want to lose everything.  The fear of loss can be a big reason why some only want to get a good paying job.  You need stability in order to make it. Living on the edge with a business can keep you up and night. 

What if I fail?

Businesses go under all the time.  Taking a leadership role in creating your own future with your own business can require much more work than with a job.  With a job you might have a set start time and end time to your work day.  You have a set number of responsibilities.  Some people enjoy learning their job and doing nothing else.  Work, go home and get paid.  Running your own company might mean taking on new tasks, constantly learning new things, and dealing with problems on a constant basis with long hours and weekends. 

Do I have the right skills?

After you have learned how to do a job you might not want to stretch and learn anything new.  If you are going to run a business you have to stay abreast of changes all the time.  You cannot afford to be lax about learning new skills.  Improving yourself and your company is all part of the deal.  You are in direct competition with other firms and your skill level and results can have a direct impact on your income. 

Running your own business means facing your fears and still moving forward.  Business owners have to plan for and except risk.  They have to find solutions to problems and go beyond the normal working hours to get things done.  Working for yourself is not a light decision.  One way to learn about running a business is to start one on the side or weekends.  A part time business could give you a glimpse into what is involved without giving up a steady paycheck.

SEO for Home Office Websites


Getting your new home office website online is just the beginning of your online marketing strategy.  A simple website that is fast loading with a clear design is a good place to start.  Basic contact information and a description of your products and services should be included on your new home office site. One area that new home office website owners might not be aware of is search engine optimization. 

Search engines drive a lot of traffic online to websites.  Your home office website needs to be structured in a way that makes it rank higher in the search engine results pages.  When people go online to find information they go to search engines.  They type in keywords that relate to the information that they are requesting.  A web searcher might type in home office chairs to find learn more about available leather office chairs that would work well in the home office.  The search engine would return results based on these terms.  The higher up in the search engine results pages your website appears the more likely that web searchers will click and visit your site.

SEO for your home office website

As you are creating content for your home office website you should remember to use search engine optimization.  This can include coming up with great headlines, using keyword tools, and categorizing and tagging your information. Using these tips might result in more web traffic coming to your site.  Home office website owners might want to use free marketing techniques that include search engine optimization.

Great Headlines

When people do searches one of the first things that they see is the headline for your article.  Titles are really important and if your titles are boring people may just skip past your site altogether.  You might have some of the greatest online content but get less traffic because your titles stink.  Try to come up with titles that will freeze web searchers in their tracks and get them to click the links and visit your site. 

Keyword Tools

Find out what people are searching for online.  You might have an idea of what is important when creating your content for your site, but what do web searchers consider important?  You might be saying exactly what they want to hear but not properly communicating.  People are searching for information online and you cannot forget that.  Go to the search engines and use keyword search tools that give detailed listings about keywords that people are using to find your type of information.  You may have been missing important seo terms that you can use in your headlines and content.   Simple changes to your content and site might be rewarded with more web traffic coming to your site.

Categories and Tags

Keep your information organized on your site.  Make it easy for web visitors to find related info on your pages.  If you are running a blog this could mean tagging your information with keywords.  So if you have a lof of articles on leather office chairs you could tag that information so people can save time finding it on your site.  Keeping information in categories is just as important online as it is offline.  Creating groups and tags provide structure and can make it easy on the search engines and your visitors.

New home office website owners might be ready to get online but not know a lot about the web.  Search engine optimization techniques might help get web traffic coming to the site.  Learn more about seo and use tools to simplify the process.  Create high quality content for your readers and keep your site organized.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Home Office - Starting your home office with tools that you need


A home office can be a great way to earn money.  With just a few items you can get started.  A good quality computer system is needed to get your home business up and running.  Laptop computers give you the flexibility to move around and still get your work done.  If you are going to be dealing with  client meetings then a laptop can let you share information while you are on the go.

Home business laptops don't have to break your bank account.  When you are just starting up you might go for a starter level computer with the basics.  As long as you have the basic home office items you can get started quickly.  You really might not need to buy a lot of software.  There are free online software packages that can help you run your business. 

Home Office Laptops

Laptops and Internet connections are really essential for your home office.  When you start to grow your company, you can upgrade to better computer systems.  Another key tool for your home office can be your communication tools. 

Home Business Smartphones

Smartphones are another way to keep connected with clients and vendors.  They usually provide access to email and Internet services.  Smartphones allow you do use business apps that can make running your small business easier.  You don't have to worry about missing that important phone call while you are out of the office. 

Home Office Internet Phone Calls

Another communication tool to investigate is voice over internet protocol programs.  Skype is a voip system that lets you make phone calls using the internet.  Internet phone calling plans can give you another way to stay in touch.

Home Busness Strategies

When you have your business setup the next step is going to be marketing your services.  People use the internet to find what they are looking for.  You need to learn about search engine optimization and how you can get your company listed online.  Starting a blog is one way to spread the word about your company. 

Participate in online forums and be a helpful internet contributor.  Using social media applications could be another home business strategy.  Twitter and Facebook are popular places that people hang out online.  Providing information about your interests and home business could be a good strategy.  Keeping your blog updated with new information and sharing high quality content online can help you get web traffic.

Get the initial home business tools that you need to get started.  Laptops, internet connections, smartphones and voip can be the first tools used to get your company off the ground.   Running a company from your home office is within your reach. 


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