Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Use the top social media networks for your home office business

How are you using social media for your home business?   Social media applications like facebook and twitter are a great place to interact with your friends and family members.  It can also be a place to discuss your business.

Do you have a facebook business page?  You might not want to use your personal facebook for status updates about your home business.  Social media applications like facebook have a lot of users and it seems like the number of people using them continues to grow.  If your potential customers and clients are there, it is probably a good idea for your business to be there too.

Social media apps can combine with mobile marketing opportunities. People are connecting to the web using smartphones and tablets while they are on the go.  They can take pictures and find what is going on locally just by hitting a few buttons.  Get your home business ready with social media apps. 

Get a vanity facebook url for your business page.  When you first create a business page, the url will look kind of funky.  Get a custom url that is easy to remember and related to your home business. 

Facebook is not the only game in town when it comes to social media.  Twitter and LinkedIn are two other social media apps that you should consider. 

Twitter is simple to use.  You have status updates that are capped at 140 characters. You might have to get a creative to get your point across. 

LinkedIn is a professional social network.  This is a great way to connect with people from your academic past and your past colleagues from old jobs.  This network is more grown up and business focused.  With LinkedIn, people might be looking for answers to questions.  They might be searching for jobs.  Show your expertise online with LinkedIn and it might lead to new business opportunities.

Social media apps are a good way to get information about your home business on the web.  The real benefit of social media is that it doesn't have to cost you money.  It will cost you some time to manage your social media accounts, but there is not an out of pocket cost that you need to be concerned with. 

Social networks are a huge collection of web users.  You will be surprised at the people that you know, and the people they know.  Use social networks for your home business today.


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