Sunday, July 1, 2012

Make Youtube Videos for Your Home Office Business

Get your home office business in front of a large web audience.  People love to read blogs but they might be even more inclined to sit and watch a short video.  Have you thought about doing video marketing for your home office business?

There are so many ways to create fast videos for your home business.  If you are ready to get in front of the camera, you could star in videos and post them quickly to youtube.  Tutorials can be really popular online.  So explaining how things work and helping people get through tough problems that they might face with software or hardware could be your online ticket for making videos.

Making videos for youtube doesn't have to be hard.  Turn your spreadsheets into youtube videos.  Create regular powerpoint presentations and use screen capture software to add audio while you flip through the slides.  This is an effective way for creating videos.  There are different screen recording software programs that you can choose from.  Camtasia and Cam Studio are two of the popular programs for making videos.

Get more out of your smartphone.  Your smartphone probably comes with a video feature.  Test it out and see how the video looks.  You could use your smartphone to make videos that you post on youtube and other online video sharing sites.

Creating videos for youtube is not hard at all. After you make your videos, you will need to provide all the details that make a difference for people trying to find it online.  First stop by the google free keyword tool that is located on the google adwords site (  Find those high search keywords related to your video and come up with a really good keyword focused title for your video.  Another area that you have to pay close attention to is the description area.  Give details about your video.  This is the area where you can place good written copy to explain all that you need to about the video and more. Also include a link back to your website or blog in the description area. 

Tag your video with the right keywords.  The great thing about using youtube for your videos is that they are tied to google.  People do searches on the google website and sometimes videos from youtube pop up in the search results.  Also youtube itself is a widely used search engine. 

So there you have it.  You probably already have a ton of written content for your home office blog.  Think about turning that written content into video content and get access to more potential visitors and customers. 


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