Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wasting Money on Domain Names

Trying to build an online business is interesting.  Creating websites, buying domain name, and writing web content are all time consuming but you are looking for the payoff in the end.  The idea is to get the ball rolling and get web traffic for your sites.  Once the content is created, you have an opportunity to earn income from there on into the future.

Building websites can allow you to make some bad decisions sometimes.  There might be a sale on domain names and you decide to invest a few dollars to test out a quick idea.  You might not even do any real homework as far as the keyword search count or if it makes any sense at all. 

Domain Name Sales

You just know that there is a domain name sale and you don't want to miss out on it. After you finish buying the domain, you have to come up with a way to make it work. What ends up happening is that you don't have a clear strategy and a year passes and nothing has happened with the domain.  It seems to happen year after year.

The idea of forwarding the domains to cost per action offers or parking the domain for google income might cross your mind.  Sometimes that doesn't even pan out.  I guess it really helps to have a plan when it comes to domain names. When those domain name sales come, you can go to your list to see if they are still available and you don't end up making a bad decision.

Domain Name Sales with String Attached

One thing that you have to lookout for with those domain name sales are the fine print details. They might include auto-renewals or special offers of trial products that come with the purchase.  When renewal time comes around, you don't want any surprises on your account.  Check to see if the auto-renew option is selected for your domains after you have purchased them.  Auto-renewal might work for some people but I like to take them off and take my chances.  Sometimes you can find renewal codes for domain names and use them to save money.  The auto-renew regular prices for domain names can be pricey.


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